About Us


The company was born out of a desire to assist mothers with young babies who need to be immunized. The system by which young children receive their immunizations is a paper based system. This meant that if anything happened to that paper record the child would be prejudiced and left exposed to diseases due to not completing their immunizations.We felt that we could come up with a better system that was electronic and which would provide the young mothers with smart cards that have all the health information for their child while ensuring an electronic record is also created to ensure all children get immunized.


Organizations are increasingly turning to managed service providers (MSPs) to handle elements of their IT needs as part of a collaborative arrangement with the internal IT department, this is how HITlab was created in order to fulfil this need.

In everything we do, we are guided by the following:

Passion : Relentless innovation and a pioneering spirit.

Respect : Cultivating long term relationships with credible technology partners.

Integrity : Responsiveness to continually evolving market conditions and technology.

Commitment : Understanding our customers’ business challenges and system requirements.

Excellence : Proactive service as opposed to a responsive attitude.



Driven by the motive “Simplifying Business” Hutano aims to provide industry solutions that improve the flow of business processes in both public and private sectors in our selected markets.


Hutano thrives to be the leading solutions and service provider.

Who We Are

We are a young driven software development company working to delivering African inspired technology and solutions to improve people’s lives. Hutano Technologies intends to do this by using technology to improve healthcare delivery, better access of citizens to government services, and providing world class IT support services to businesses that otherwise would not have been able to afford such a service.

What We Sell

Hutano Technologies deploys and supports customized electronic health record systems for healthcare institutions and health practitioners. Hutano also offers world-class managed  IT Support that services not only the EMR clients but across all industries.

Who We Sell To

Our customers are mainly public and private health care institutions, medical practitioners and medical aid societies These organizations suffer from high administrative costs as a result of them utilizing paper based systems. There is also currently insufficient methods by which these institutions monitor and evaluate the impact of health campaigns in the population they serve.